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Wild Child: Bring the Outdoors Home

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

children playing outside

It’s day 724829 of quarantine, homeschool lessons are nearing their limits of effectiveness, and you’re looking hard for the light at the end of this living-room-walled tunnel. Momma, grab a seat on the couch and pour yourself a cold bev.

We got you.

Let’s reign in that fun #WildChild energy and redirect it into creative, physical, and constructive outlets. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas to keep the kiddos active and engaged, while also preserving your sanity…

drawing with sidewalk chalk

Design a chalk drawing obstacle course

Check out this incredible sidewalk chalk obstacle course by Jody G. that’s gone viral and get some ideas for your own! If you have older kiddos, encourage them to draw one for younger siblings or neighbors.

Organize a neighborhood drawing hunt

From bears or themed drawings in windows to sidewalk chalk designs on driveways, neighborhoods families are making scavenger hunts together for their daily walks! Post in your base spouse page or neighborhood group, put up your drawings, window creatures, or chalk designs, and see who can count the most as you walk up and down the street.

Make an outdoor treasure hunt

Check out this awesome outdoor treasure hunt from a creative mom and adapt it to your kiddos ages and the “treasures” you have in your own backyard! Level up your pirate skills by dressing up and building a pirate ship to haul all your booty!

potato boat recipe

Try a new camp recipe

After a full day at sea, feed your scavenger hunt pirates these yummy Potato Canoes! Swap the campfire coals for an oven, or fire up the grill. Get the littles involved and see who can make the most creative canoes. Next time you go camping, whip out your new tried and true recipe and see if the kids remember how to make them!

Step up your game and create a full indoor nature walk

Think Bedsheet Falls cascading down from rocky cliffside doors, safaris to see wildlife pets, and treacherous Stair Mountain expeditions!

Film your own nature show

Channel your best inner Steve Irwin and have the kids explain the “science” behind all the neat animals, bugs, and plants you can find around your yard or neighborhood walk.

playing in blanket fort

Camp out in a blanket fort

Grab your family tent or a few blankets and plan a living room campout! Add twinkle lights for star gazing, cook up some s’mores in the kitchen, and press play on some nature sound videos or our Military Wild Child Spotify playlist.

Help make facemasks for essential workers

Check out these CDC tutorials for both sew and no-sew face masks, and watch this video from Hawaii military mom, Julie, that uses hot glue. Enlist the kids and teach lessons in both health and helping others! Have them practice on masks for your own family, and contact local businesses or search your local Facebook groups for organized mask drives.

Bring the outdoors in with our Wild Child Art Contest

If you have a wild child who loves to draw, color, or paint, enter our Wild Child Art Contest! Follow the link for submission instructions and more info.

Military Wild art contest announcement

As you post your fun photos and videos on social media, be sure to tag @militarywild and #outdoorsanywhere so we can share your adventures!

For more virtual resources, check out our Wild Child Guide to Virtual Fun! It’s jam packed with links to fun learning resources, workouts and exercises specifically for your kiddos, and more.



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