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  • Hannah Wolt

    President | Florida

    I grew up in Texas, and now I've lived in Mississippi, Guam, south Texas, and Florida as an Air Force wife. I've been hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and more for nearly 10 years, and it's been incredible exploring all the places we've lived and traveled by getting outside. From stateside deserts to island jungles, New Zealand's ridgelines, Thailand's beaches, and Peru's mountains, I've met so many incredible people through our adventures.

    Being in the outdoors renews me, teaches me to love the places we live and visit, and has been most incredible way to make connections and form friendships everywhere this crazy life taken us.

    Favorite trip: hiking the Kepler Track in New Zealand, and paddling the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande

    Favorite trail snack: dried mango and pocket burritos

    I always pack: chapstick, my favorite worn out hat, and a camera

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  • Kailey Brown

    Vice President | Kansas

    My partner serves in the USAF and we recently left the paradise island of Guam for our next adventure in Kansas.

    My favorite part of getting outside is that moment where any inner turmoil is silenced by the calm and quiet of the nature around me...whether it's relaxing inside an isolated cave or dipping into a rushing waterfall.

    Favorite hike: It's a tough call between swimming underground in the crystal clear waters of Pågat Cave or trailing along the Southern Mountain ridge along southern Guam

    Favorite trail snack: Sahale Pomegranate and Vanilla Cashews

    I always pack: my SpyderCo Knife

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  • Jennifer Everhart

    Secretary | Hawaii

    I am a Navy wife currently living on the beautiful island of Hawaii. I grew up exploring nature and love sharing it with others!


    I love being outside exploring my surroundings. There is just something about fresh air, tall trees, flowing waters, and towering mountains that melt all your troubles and worries away.


    Favorite hike: Each hike is always unique and special to me, it's so hard to choose one favorite. But nothing is better than wandering through the jungle, stumbling upon a waterfall, and climbing it just because.


    Favorite trail snack: I love a simple granola like Kind Oats and Honey Bar


    I always pack: I always take a strong rope and pocket knife with me. You never know when you'll need to replace a rope on trail or leverage something heavy.

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  • Jeannie Poletti

    Treasurer | Guam

    I'm a Navy wife originally from rural Pennsylvania but currently enjoying the island life on Guam.

    I love the outdoors because I love challenging myself. There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment from summiting a peak or the rush of endorphins from jumping off a waterfall. Nature has pushed me to become a better version of myself.

    Favorite trip: I have so many favorites but my most challenging/rewarding one was a one day, 19 mile hike in the Rocky Mountains with my husband. He even has a tattoo of the gorgeous snowmelt lake we reached at the summit!

    Favorite trail snack: Deer jerky if I can get it! And if not - Lara bars of every flavor

    I always pack: Gloves! They're extremely helpful for any scrambling or rope climbing endeavors

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  • Meggan Burggraf

    Hey! I'm Meggan and I am a 1LT in the Alabama National Guard! Being outdoors is something I love whether it is hiking or Army training. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast from my earliest days as a Girl Scout, and thankfully the love of the outdoors has stuck around ever since!

    My husband John is a pilot for the Army and we love getting out with our two trail pups, Max and Aurora. We've been lucky to be stationed in Alabama our entire time in the Army, but we live to travel and explore and see all that we can. We are hoping to knock of the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland of the bucket list soon!

    Favorite trip: Colchuck Lake, WA - This beautiful mountain lake changed my life!

    Favorite trail snack: Peanut Butter Sandwiches - great for a quick energy boost!

    I always pack: a pocket knife (old Army habits die hard)

    • Deanna Mantooth-Hendrix

      Hey! I'm Deanna! My husband Daniel and I are both lifelong Arkansas residents, and he's a civil engineer at Little Rock Air Force Base. Daniel and I have a cat named Artemis, who loves to chase birds from the safety of our living room. I love hiking, camping, kayaking, backpacking, rafting, and biking! The outdoors for me are a perfect trifecta - therapy, exercise, and science. My bachelor's degree is in geology, and my rock collection grows with every hike. While hiking and kayaking and biking keep me fit, there's nothing like the tranquility that nature provides.


      Favorite trip: Hiking over the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park, starting at Bear Lake and ending at Grand Lake! this particular trip was in June 2013, and was the genesis of my adult hiking adventures.

      Favorite trail snack: Peanut butter crackers and orange cuties!

      I always pack: A first aid kit, a rock hammer, and water!

      • Deanna Mantooth-Hendrix Instagram
    • Molly Weyhmeller

      Hello I’m Molly! My husband, David, and I grew up in Ohio and David is a pilot in Ohio Air National Guard. We are currently in Little Rock for his C-130 training.

      I love spending time outside exploring new places! I really enjoy hiking, kayaking, and swimming, but I am always up to try new and exciting things! David and I have two kitties, Remy and Gus. We also enjoy all of our wild ‘pets’ in our backyard like toads, armadillos, lizards and honey bees.


      Favorite trip: Hiking Guadalupe Peak to summit at sunrise!

      Favorite trail snack: A crisp, juicy apple!

      I always pack: A first aid kit and plenty of snacks!

      • Leah Roush

        Hello! My name is Leah and I’m currently living on Guam with my husband, who is Active Duty Navy. We both were born and raised in Virginia Beach though, and miss it terribly! I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, so I’m always looking for opportunities to help kids grow and learn. I love to spend my free time out hiking, stand up paddling, or snorkeling. Living on Guam has really strengthened my love for the outdoors, and I couldn't be more thankful for that! My husband and I have since set a goal of visiting every National Park once we make our way back to the states, and I can't wait to get started checking some off the list. 

        Favorite trail: Pagat Cave in Guam, because it has the perfect mix of breath-taking views and even a chance to get wet and cool off inside a beautiful cave. A must do in Guam!

        Favorite trail snack: Beef jerky...or as my husband calls it, a meat stick. That’s his favorite snack too though, so when he comes along I usually have to settle for a Kind bar - my second favorite!

        I always pack: Gloves!! You never know when you'll come across a surprise rope or rock climb on Guam.

        • Leah Roush Instagram
      • Christina Burk

        Aloha! I was born and raised in Metro Detroit and to be completely honest I did not consider myself someone who would ever be ‘outdoorsy’ enough to apply to be an ambassador for a hiking group, but moving to Guam changed all of that!


        My husband Ryan and I got married July of 2019. Ryan is in the Coast Guard and was stationed in Guam from 2018 to 2020. He convinced me that after 3 years of long-distance dating that we should get married and I should leave everything I know to move to an island in the middle of the Pacific with him. I’m happy to say it’s the best choice I ever made!


        I joined Military Wild in Guam and because of this amazing group I fell in love with the island and all of its beauty. We loved it so much we decided to island hop right over to Hawaii, where I get the opportunity to be an ambassador for our Hawaii chapter. 


        Hobbies for me involve being around the water. I have an inflatable kayak and some great snorkel gear. I love to scuba dive and do open water swims. Land hobbies include just about any sport I can figure out how to play!


        Indoors I like boxing, cooking, puzzles, Hawaii Five-0, telling stories about my crazy Italian family in Detroit, and calling all my friends and family in Michigan.

        Favorite hike: Lower Sigua Falls in Guam

        Favorite trail snack: Perky Jerky

        I always pack: A First Aid Kit because I’m clumsy

        • Christina Burk Instagram
      • Karen Victor

        Hello! My name is Karen Victor. I live on Fort Leavenworth. My husband is AGR and works here in the Department of Distance Education. We love to do everything outdoors and during all four seasons! We have two college age kids and 3 dogs that love the outdoors as well. We currently play a lot of disk golf, go for hikes and all like to run. Some of our favorite outdoor experiences are canyoneering, mountain biking, dog mushing, fat bike riding, zip lines and snorkeling. I currently work part-time as a dog handler which I love! We are excited to join the Military Wild family and look forward to meeting lots of great people who love the outdoors as much as we do!

        Favorite trip: My family and I loved canyoneering and mountain biking in Utah. Also, hiking the Billy Goat Trail in Maryland. We had a chance to try dog mushing and fat biking in Wisconsin which was fun! Ziplining in Arkansas and North Carolina was awesome as well!

        Favorite trail snack: Energy bites! Beef Jerky, nuts, dried fruit.

        I always pack: First aid kit, water, snacks

        • Shelby Mata

          Hello! My name is Shelby and I live in Kansas Citiy, which is where I grew up (Go Chiefs!). My husband is active duty Air Force and is currently stationed in Guam.

          My love for the outdoors started with all of the camping trips we took every summer growing up. Then getting to hike in Colorado, Montana, and Greece during college solidified the love and respect I have for finding those little pockets of natural beauty in our world.

          Favorite trip: My friends and I love rafting on the Meramec River in Missouri. It's actually a yearly trip we all take to spend a full weekend outdoors.

          Favorite trail snack: Kettle cooked chips and granola bars. They are easy to pack and eat while out on a trail!

          I always pack: SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN (only ones made with all natural and wildlife-safe ingredients, of course)

          • Shelby Mata Instagram
        • Robert Watson

          Hello I'm Robert. My wife and I are originally from Southern Ohio (I am from Peebles, and my wife is From Chillicothe Ohio). I am AD Air Force at Nellis AFB. I am a workout, outdoor, and grilling fanatic. My hometown is a very rural farm town where we didnt really have internet so the only thing we really had to do for fun was something outdoors. I grew up hiking, hunting, fishing, riding ATV's and causing truble outdoors wait.... I never got caught haha. I have the utmost respect and love for wildlife and nature. I havent done a lot of camping trips (only a few times when I was young) but that is something I really want to get more into to. Favorite states are Montana, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Colorado. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Military Wild and will take this opportunity very seriously (maybe a few jokes here and there).


          Favorite trip: Hocking hills, OH. My wife and I got this little secluded cabin in the woods just to spend time together and get away from everyone. We usually go to TN or somewhere but it can be over crowded and take away from the experience. In Hocking Hills it is very rural and it just made for the perfect getaway experience.

          Favorite trail snack: Steaks....I wish. Homemade energy balls, trail mix, dried fruit, granola or cliff bars. Steaks.... I wished. Homemade energy balls, trail mix, dried fruit, granola or cliff bars.

          I always pack: Water, first aid kit, knife, hat

          • Robert Watson Instagram
        • Robin Coale

          I’m a Captain in the Air Force, and I’ve been in a little over six years! I grew up always playing outside and riding bikes until the sun went down! My true love for the outdoors really came out while in college, I worked at the Outdoor Pursuits Center and loved it! We got to student lead trips and the staff would go on trips of our own all the time! My favorites were definitely rock climbing and mtn biking-but I love a good day hike too!

          Favorite trip: In my two PCSs I traveled across 3-4 states both times and stopped for some quick hikes through Garden of the Gods and Arches National Park!

          Favorite trail snack: Smuckers Uncrustables! Easy to pack and you can’t go wrong with PB&J!

          I always pack: Sunglasses! I seriously have the most sensitive eyes ever!

          • Robin Coale Instagram
        • Bethany Andreas

          Hey y’all, I’m Bethany! I work on Ellsworth AFB, where my husband, Justin, is currently stationed. We live in Rapid City with our two dogs Moose and Tiga. We both have fallen in love with the area and the variety of activities available here. My love for the outdoors began when I was very young, and I have been enjoying it in one way or another ever since. Favorite outdoor activities are hiking, trail running, camping, fishing, and photography. I am excited to discover more of this beautiful state and share it with our community!


          Favorite trip: Backpacking in Vietnam and camping on the beach in Alaska

          Favorite trail snack: Fruit chews, apple sauce, and homemade trail mix

          I always pack: My camera, GPS map, and water in my handy dandy fanny pack!

          • Lara Deutsch

            Hello! My name is Lara, we have just recently PCS’d to Fort Bliss, TX from Hawaii. My love for the outdoors started when I was a kid. My parents and I used to travel a lot to other countries.

            I grew up in Asia, and met my husband while travelling. He is in the US Army, we have recently begun exploring more of what the outdoors has to offer which makes our military life much more enjoyable! We’re missing our families but taking advantage of new places to discover, new cultures and new perspectives.


            Favorite trip: Maui trip! Specifically Road to Hana, as they say "It's not about the destination, it's the journey itself". The journey to hana is long and took us about 14 hours roundtrip with a lot of side hikes. Tip: Download Road to Hana Gypsy guide (on the way there it talks about the must do stops and the stop's history / and on the way back it talks about history of hawaii islands. How it became a part of the 50 states of the US)

            Favorite trail snack: I am asian. So to sum up I eat a lot of carbs!!! Yup, just a snack.

            I always pack: Sunscreen, Lip Balm and oh SUNSCREEN.

            • Brittany Whalen-Davila

              I grew up in Southern California and was always doing some sort of extracuricular like softball, 4H, colorguard or mountain biking in the Mojave Desert with my dad. I learned more about my love of the outdoors during undergrad at CSU Monterey Bay. While in school I worked full time as a lead kayak guide and found my passion for getting people outside and getting them stoked about the natural world. While in school I also met the love of my life who is now an officer in the US Navy.

              When I'm not leading hikes for our VA chapter I'm usually working outdoors in a roles related to wildlife conservation, bird watching, hanging with my adventure pup Teddy or exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains. I started the VA chapter a year ago and have lead over 50 hikes with some amazing military families!


              Favorite trip: When my husband returned from his deployment this year he surprised me with a trip to Little Exuma, Bahamas. We paddled through a mangrove forest, hung out with some endangered Bahamian rock iguanas, swam with sand sharks and some feral pigs, and went cave diving!

              Favorite trail snack: Lately I've done some long, butt busting hikes up mountains and to reward myself I've chowed down on a Snickers bar!

              I always pack: toilet paper, cus leaves don't work.

              • Brittany Whalen-Davila Instagram
            • Carmen Miller

              I am a college grad, navy wife, and autism mom with a love of the outdoors. Not only does it help me, it has really made a difference for my son. Recently moved to Washington but instantly fell in love because it has so many of my favorite terrain types. 


              Favorite Trip: driving across country twice this year (2019) and seeing so many states I hadn't seen yet. I love Montana, we went to see Mt. Rushmore, I really enjoyed Idaho too. Coming down the Cascades was amazing as well. I'm just in love with the mountainous west coast.


              Favorite trail: probably Grand Forest West, which is where I'm taking our Washington chapter on my first hike. It's more gentle but there are a lot of interesting things to see. 


              Favorite place: Point No Point, which is a lighthouse park farther north from us. The beaches are great, there is tons of driftwood to see, and the ocean is mostly gentle there. Which is great because my son loves water.


              Favorite trail snack: oranges, bevita cookies, chips, really whatever I can fit in my pack and what will go in my son's pockets while we hike!


              I always pack: extra clothes for our son because, as previously mentioned, he loves water. So we always take a change of clothes so there's no trouble with him getting wet. Our camel pack is crammed full with all our stuff but we manage.

              • Lauren Lamb

                Hello! My name is Lauren, my husband is in the Coast Guard and we have spent the last year here in Washington, having moved our family of 5 plus 2 pups across the country from Chesapeake, Virginia. Military life is no new thing for me, as an Army Brat of a Colonel being stagnant in one place is foreign to me! I have a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, with a background in Sports Event Planning and Group Fitness. Being active in health and wellness, and being outside and adventuring are my favorite things!
                I think the most amazing thing about being out in the wild is the realization of how small we actually are in this world. It is extremely humbling!


                Favorite trip: My all time favorite outdoor adventure was in Ireland walking on the Cliffs of Moher looking over the water below was an incredible and scary (exhilarating!) experience. With that, going white water kayaking in the river through northern Ireland just cant be beat!

                Favorite trail snack: Granola!!!

                I always pack: I pretty much pack any and everything... mom life! I have the kids snacks, waters, proper shoes, sunscreen a needed, and bug spray all in the Kelty Hiking backpack for my baby!

                • Lauren Lamb Instagram
              • Megan Rice

                Hello! My name is Megan and I am a United States Navy wife, originally from Eastern Ohio but currently enjoying the Evergreen State -WASHINGTON- with my husband and two kids. GO BUCKEYES! The Navy has taken us from Ohio to Virginia, Mississippi, California and now here to Washington. Our love for adventure started when we were stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. We started visiting National Parks and continued our journey as the Navy moved us across the US. We are so lucky that the military allows us and our kids to experience the great outdoors.


                Favorite trip: Mount Saint Helens

                Favorite trail snack: Chomps Beef Sticks, Lemon LaraBars and kid approved-homemade Trail Mix

                I always pack: My trusty fanny pack. It holds everything you need in arms reach: chapstick, sunscreen, multitool and a snack.

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