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Hit the Trail

Ready to join your community and begin the adventure of a lifetime?

Wade through waves that crash on white sand beaches. Climb mountains that break through clouds. Walk trails that wind through rolling hills nestled in morning fog. Explore the wild resilience of living things in desert landscapes.


And do it all surrounded with people that feel like family.

When you sign up for the adventure of a lifetime, you’ll also get:

  • Military Wild patch and sticker

  • Full access to chapter events

  • Discounts with our Community Perks Program

  • First dibs on the newest merch in the members only MW Store


Who can join:

  • US Military active duty, reserve/guard, veteran, or retiree

  • Dependents of the above

  • US Military contractors and their immediate families

  • US Military DOD civilians and their immediate families

*Memberships are for ages 10 and older, but kiddos are welcome at any age-appropriate events!


How to join:

  1. Login or sign-up with the login button at the top right

  2. Purchase your Lifetime Membership below

After you purchase your membership, be sure to Find Your Chapter's Facebook group, join the Military Wild Outdoor Community, explore the Blog, and shop the MW Store!

*Lifetime Memberships are non-refundable

We can't wait to see ya on the trail!

  • Lifetime Membership

    • MW membership patch and sticker
    • Access to all Military Wild activities and events
    • Connection with other members online & on trail
    • Resources for travel and outdoor recreation
    • Gear reviews, stories from the trail, recipes and more
    • Access to the members-only store
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