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OUr STORY is your story

Meet Military Wild!


We help adventurous military families find connection with one another and the wild places they call home by getting #outdoorsanywhere.


Our community thrives on the preservation of wild places, love for our own personal landscapes, and friendships that last beyond them. 

Empowered by: dirty boots, trail bevs, streams ‘n saltwater, and post-hike tacos.

Are you Searching for
community, connection, and adventure in wild places?

You’re on a wild ride, moving every few years, meeting hundreds of incredible people along the way, and experiencing so many different landscapes - literally and figuratively. We’ve all heard it before - every duty station is what you make it.


So make the most of it.


Maybe you’ve wanted to explore more in the past, but didn’t want to go alone.


Or you’ve moved again and are craving a community that feels like family.


Maybe you've wanted to push your limits and try new things, but have no dang clue where to start.


Don’t let another assignment pass by feeling like you didn’t take advantage of all the amazing experiences you could’ve had because you felt alone or disconnected.

Our founders came together because we yearned for community and adventure. We jumped in the car come rain or shine to build a family and explore the places we live.


Now we’re on our way to meet you, rollin’ up to the trailhead, hair a mess, with coffee [wine] in our packs, ready to have the adventures of a lifetime with you.


Never thought you could laugh so hard trudging up a mountain?

Need advice on trails or the best shoes to wear?


Still have no dang clue how to start planning your next adventure?

We out here fam.

Our first few group hikes were small, we chatted about our military lifestyles, and walked easy trails we already knew.

Just a few months later, we were crashing through unknown jungle, laughing and crying our way up mountaintops and deep into caves, and sharing the best and worst parts of ourselves over post-hike beers and tacos.


Our community continued to grow and as always in our military way of life, friends began moving on to the next chapters in their adventures. We knew we’d discovered something crazy special - Military Wild was the community and lifestyle of adventure that every military family deserves. So we brought it with us.


Today, we have chapters across the country and around the world. From untamed Pacific jungles to rolling blue ridge mountains and craggy desert cracks in the earth, we’re here to share the highs and lows in your life and in the wild places you adventure.


Now it’s your turn.

Whether you’ve just started walking local trails or you’ve hiked a thousand miles, whether your river trips are on an innertube or paddling class IV whitewater, there’s a place for you in the outdoors, and we’re here to help you find it.


Let’s pack our bags, strap on brave spirits, and hit the trail together!

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