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Military Outdoor community hikes to end hunger

In a recent collaboration between Military Wild and Blue Star Families, over 106 community members and 7 furry friends hit the trails in over 15 spots worldwide to raise awareness for food insecurity within the military community.

Over 1 in 7 military families currently struggle with food insecurity, an issue affecting the health and strength of a force already faced with tough obstacles. Equipped with resources and a mission to destigmatize the conversation, the greater military community showed up strong.

MW Chapter members from Hawaii hiking Ford Island Loop.

MW's Kansas + Missouri Chapter at Cave Spring Park in Raytown, MO.

President + Co-Founder Jennifer Everhart and Vice President Kailey Brown sat down to discuss the lasting impact this event has had on MW moving forward.

"Each duty station brings struggles. Friendships and support are important elements to find, which is why MW helps break down those barriers, creating low-stress ways to meet new people and make connections," says Everhart.

As an often silently endured struggle, Everhart hopes that the conversations, connections, and friendships forged on the trail at MW chapters throughout the world will help families facing this hurdle feel supported by their own.

"After receiving the education and resources from Blue Star Families, we will not only continue to spread awareness but do more by helping MW chapters to provide free shanks and refreshments post-hike," says Brown looking at the future.

"We've seen the community rally online around this issue. Learning more, leaning into new friendships, and finding ways to get more involved," explains Brown.

If you'd like to combine a passion for getting #outdoorsanywhere while supporting your community, MW is always welcoming new members and Ambassadors alike.

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