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5 Years Rooted in Service

It feels as though half a decade has gone by in the blink of an eye. In a wonderful whirlwind of jungle treks, mountain summits, beach strolls, and desert wanderings, everything has changed. A headstrong group of 5 young women has turned into a team of 30 Ambassadors and org leaders. A small Facebook group of a dozen hikers on a remote island has turned into a worldwide organization consisting of 16 chapters and 17,000+ members. A spark of a dream has turned into a full blown force of nature.

Of course, all this hasn’t happened overnight. It’s taken hours upon hours of Board Meetings and behind the scenes work. Our volunteer Ambassadors devote their time and energy on top of their commitments to their jobs, communities, and families to help their chapters flourish. The endless support of our community partners and sponsors have allowed us to do things we never imagined. And our members are the ones who have believed in us from the very start. You continue to stoke the fire and are truly the ones who shape the culture of our organization and make it so special. Thank you deeply to everyone who has made this dream a reality.

For everything that has changed over the past 5 years, our mission has remained the same. We exist because we saw a true need in the military community for deeper connection. To each other, to ourselves, and to the ever changing landscapes we call home.

As we venture forward through the next 5 years, that mission will remain our North Star. Our vision is that one day there will be a Military Wild community ready and waiting for every military member, family, and veteran who needs us. We will continue to find new ways to serve our members, support the local communities who welcome us in, and conserve the environments we explore.

Thank you for tagging along on our biggest adventure. We will see you on trail!

Onwards and upwards,

The Military Wild Team



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