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Katie Aiesi
Katie Aiesi

Katie Aiesi

Hey there! My name is Katie. I hail from suburbs of Philadelphia. My husband serves in the Army and we have two kids. One thing I love about this crazy military life is exploring all the places the Army takes us with my kids and husband. “I go into the woods and I am home” This John Muir quote rings true in my heart! Since my early years, the outdoors has been a place of exploration, peace, adventure, beauty, and wonder to me. I’ve always been excited to see the wild place around me - and I am always excited to connect with others who want to get out and explore wild places too!

Favorite Adventure: “Favorite” is a hard word. So top three: Backpacking with my hubs thru the Enchanted Valley on the Olympic Penisula in Washington State. Kayaking down the Owyhee River in Oregon. Trekking thru the India Himalayans. Okay, four becasue, my kids are great. Any time I get outside with my kids and they expereicne the wonder and the beauty of nature.

Favorite Trail Snack: Jerky. Almonds. Apples. Trader Joe’s canned Mackerel… if its a longer hike and lunch is involved.

I always pack a bandana, snacks, extra clothes for my kids.


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