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Kansas + Missouri

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Meet your KS/MO Team

Shelby Mata
Kansas + Missouri
Kansas + Missouri

Shelby Mata


Hello! My name is Shelby and I am originally from Kansas City so before you ask, Go Chiefs! I am currently a travel Physical Therapist so you know I only accept contracts by National Parks or amazing outdoor experiences.

My love for the outdoors started with all of the camping trips we took every summer growing up. Then getting to hike in Colorado, Montana, and Greece during college solidified the love and respect I have for finding those little pockets of natural beauty in our world. And while every adventure I have had is unique, I still can't find another park that feels like home quite as much as Glacier National Park.

Favorite Adventure: Any hike that I get to do with my trail pup, Dublin! But other than that, I love the Highline Trail in Montana or Koko Crater Arch in Hawaii.

Favorite Trail Snack: Kettle cooked chips and granola bars. They are easy to pack and eat while out on a trail!

I always pack SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN (only ones made with all natural and wildlife-safe ingredients, of course)


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