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Fransico Montes de Oca

Fransico Montes de Oca

Hello! My Name is Francisco, and I live in the Destin, Fl, area. My partner is active duty Air Force stationed at Hurlburt Field.

My love for the outdoors started when I was living in CT, and my family would go out every summer to go camping, make smores on the bond fires, walk to the beach, and cook a brisket for dinner! Since then, as an adult, I have been able to camp all over New England. I have hiked up Calladliac Mountain in Arcadia National Park, Maine. Hiked all over the Appalachian Mountains throughout each state. And even saw a fantastic sunset view from Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I am now in Florida and ready to explore all the beautiful trails, beaches, and natural water springs with my friends and my Miltary Wild Family!

I enjoy spending my free time Hiking, Scuba Diving, Camping, walking my dogs, and pretty much everything outdoors! Outside of my outdoor adventures, you may find me at AMC watching a movie, working at my job, and attending local events!

Favorite Adventure: Hiking up a volcano in Guatemala! Seeing the Lava flow down the mountain is incredible. I can't wait to see many more natural wonders this world offers!

Favorite Trail Snack: PB&J's!!!

I always pack sunscreen, a first aid kit, bug spray, bear repellant, and plenty of water!!

Christina Hamric

Christina Hamric

Hi! Christina here. I’m a Coast Guard wife, originally from Tennessee, currently down in South Florida! I didn’t really grow up hiking, camping, or exploring the outdoors much as a child. Actually, the only camping trip I recall going on we ended up sleeping in the car in the middle of a thunderstorm and racoons stole our food. But then we got stationed in California and Hawaii. Being able to access beautiful beaches and trails so easily was life changing! Now I enjoy hiking, catching a nap in a hammock, playing at the beach, and camping with my family (my husband of 15 years, two kiddos, and our goofy golden retriever).

Favorite Adventure: Some of my favorite adventures have been traveling to new places! My first time out of the country was to Mexico when I was in highschool. Since then, I’ve been to Kenya on a safari, backpacked across Spain, camped in snow in the Sierras, kayaked to the twin islands just off the coast of Oahu, and fly fished the White River in Arkansas. I’m proud of each of these things, because they’ve all challenged me to grow in some of the things I love the most about being outdoors!

Favorite Trail Snack: I’ve always got a KIND bar in the bag.

In my pack: Lots of water! I’m always afraid of running out so I bring a lot. I guess it’ll serve me well in the South Florida summers.

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