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Sunny Strawbridge

Expert Member

Hi there! My name is Sunny and I am in Colorado Springs, home to Peterson and Schriever SFB, Fort Carson, Air Force Academy and have been here for 4 years and love the mountain views every day. I have 2 beautiful daughers - Jadyn and Athena and two rescue dogs - Jason and Atlas. I grew up in Western PA, surrounded by state parks and lakes, hunting, fishing and hiking - I really started being more adventurous in college while majoring in Parks and Recreation and taking many weekend trips whitewater rafting, climbing and camping. While married to husband that was Army SF, we spent 3 years in Germany, I took full advantage of ALL the miles of trails Germany had to offer and travelled at every chance I had. Since being in Colorado, I have climbed (3) 14ers and have dedicated my Sundays to finding new trails or hiking the Manitou Incline.

Favorite Adventure: Summitting (3) 14ers in one season - Bierstadt, Quandary and Grays - it would have been 4 (Torreys, which connects to Grays) but my hiking partner was nervous because we saw smoke in the distance and she didn't know how close it was, and didnt want us to be trapped in a forest fire.

Favorite Trail Snack: Granola Bars - anything with peanut butter

I always pack sunscreen and toilet paper

Lindsay Pitts


Hi, I’m Lindsay! I just moved to Colorado about a year ago with my husband, two kiddos, and three dogs. I transitioned from 10 years of Active Duty Navy to the Reserves. We’ve been stationed at Newport, RI and all over the place in San Diego, CA. I am currently in law school and graduating next year, finally! I have been on and off with getting outdoors mostly my entire life, but feel like I’ve finally made it a habit here. I needed to move and get fresh air after having my daughter in January, and Colorado has made that so easy to do with different hikes and trails everywhere you turn. I am still taking it fairly easy, but hoping to tackle the Incline within the year! I’m looking forward to finding new hikes, getting in the water this summer, and visiting some more National/State Parks!

Favorite Adventure: Walking the National Mall in DC

Favorite Trail Snack: Bobo’s oat bites

I always pack water, sunglasses, and the baby carrier!


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