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We're adventurous MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY COMMUNITY connecting 
with each other and the wild places we call home by getting

Our military life is made of moving often and holding onto lifelong friendships across hundreds of miles.

Sometimes it’s freakin’ tough to feel at home and find community at every new duty station.

But it shouldn’t have to be, and that’s why we’re here.


Let’s hit the trail, laugh and cry while killing it on mountaintops together, watch our kiddos play in the sun, and replenish with sunset yoga and wine. This is YOUR community and YOUR opportunity to get #outdoorsanywhere.


hey fam,

meet MW

We’re here to connect military families with each other and the wild places we live through community and adventure in the outdoors.


Not every military family, spouse, or service member has an identical story, but we all know what it’s like to feel alone, to crave relationships, and to desire connection with the landscapes we live in.


Our founders and ambassadors believe that laughter, struggles, bravery, and adventures in the outdoors bring us closer together and teach us love for the places we live.


It doesn’t matter how many miles you’ve hiked or how heavy your pack is - adventure is out there anywhere for anyone.


You deserve a community that supports you. You deserve adventure that makes you feel alive. You deserve friendships that last far beyond duty stations.


So pack your backpack, grab your trail snacks, leave room for post-hike tacos, and let’s adventure together.

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