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My name is Carmen Miller and I'm a Navy Spouse. I'm 31, my husband Andrew is 33. We have one child, his name is Hadrian and he'll be 5 in September. I originally stumbled upon this group via facebook and was really nervous to get Hadrian out there too because he has Autism and is mostly nonverbal and has some elopement tendencies. I have been just humbled by how accepting everyone has been and supportive and patient here at our Washington chapter. Having a kid with special needs can be isolating and I'm so grateful that our group here, and our lead Jen, have accepted us with open arms! So glad to become a member! Not to at my plug in here but if anyone could go and checkout Hadrian's fund raiser for a service dog over on go fund me that would be so amazing. Even a share makes a difference! #PawsforHadrian

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