Military Wild began as a group of women in Guam in search of community, adventure, and connection to our tiny Pacific island home. We started a small hiking group, word spread, and in just six months we had a community of over 500 active, retired, and dependent members.

We jumped off waterfalls, ate birthday cake in caves, climbed mountain tops, and took long walks on the beach. Along the way, we formed lifetime friendships and found that getting outside was a wonderful way to cultivate appreciation for the temporary place we called home.

Military life can be really hard. We move often, have to make friends fast, and find ourselves in places that may or may not check off that bucket list of duty stations.

We believe that there is something to appreciate in every landscape, whether it's crashing waves on white sand beaches, gorgeous mountain tops that break the clouds, rolling hills nestled in morning fog, or the incredible resilience of living things in desert landscapes, and getting amongst it is one of the best ways to foster love for where we are no matter how cold, humid, or dusty it may be.

As our days together in Guam drew to a close, we wanted to keep the community alive and take it with us wherever we each went next, and so Military Wild was born. We hope that you'll join our family and that you'll be inspired to explore whatever lies out your front door...or back door...I mean have you seen base housing on Andersen AFB? No one can tell the difference.