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First, you’ll go through the interview process. This is where we’ll meet you, get to  know you, and talk about all the fun ideas you have for helping your local military  community get outside. Typical Ambassador onboarding consists of: 

1. Ambassador application 

2. Virtual interview where you will record yourself answering questions at your own pace 

and if accepted…


3. Training pipeline (opening/joining your chapter, learning the ropes, and regular check-ins with your mentor for the first three months) 


Our training pipeline is designed to walk new ambassadors through each aspect of  our program, teach our methods for community outreach, develop a strong and open line of communication between Ambassadors and the Board of Directors, and  ensure that we’re each a good fit for one another.

Ambassador Responsibilities 

As an MW Ambassador, you’ll be expected to represent our organization and military  community in a professional and positive manner. While we want to leave lots of  room for your creativity in growing your chapter and getting your community  outside, there are certain responsibilities and structures put in place to make sure  that we’re serving each community as best we can. 

One of the great aspects of our ambassador program is that rather than establishing  a specific location and searching for ambassadors there, our focus is on our  ambassadors. We know how hard our team works to grow their communities and  how much they love getting outside, so we plan to go with you no matter where the  military sends you. 

As you fill out your application in the next step, please be honest and transparent. If you’re likely to  move soon, let us know! That won’t prevent you from joining the team--we want to  work with anyone we feel will be an awesome asset to our community! 

We’ll dig deeper throughout the onboarding and training process, but here’s an  overview of the major responsibilities our ambassadors have, please check each box after reading to confirm the responsibilities expected of you:


I undestand that MW Ambssadors are responsible for:

Throughout your time as an MW Ambassador, you’ll be expected to fill out regular  check-ins and attend meetings (with advance notice), so we can work together to  grow your chapter and explore new opportunities for our military community  together. 

Sound like your kind of adventure?

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