Guam Tide Charts

Keep tabs on tide times and levels for all your waterfront activities. Tide times may vary around the island so be sure to select the correct region of Guam.

Spots on the Rock

The Guam Daily Post presents Spots on the Rock: Guide to Guam Hikes and Nature Trails, the most current guidebook on some of Guam’s best hikes. Available at Bestseller bookstores. Descriptions of select hikes are also available on the Guam Daily Post’s website.

The Best Tracks on Guam, 4th edition

"First published about 20 years ago, the Lotzes' work has guided many local and visiting hikers through the island's most beautiful jungles, mountains, waterfalls, and historic and cultural sites." The 4th edition of the book launched in April 2019 and is available for purchase at select stores on island.

World Traveling Military Family

A fellow military spouse sharing information about locations their family has lived and traveled to throughout their military life. She lists a number of popular hikes on Guam and includes information, directions, and pictures.